The Penn Media Scholars at China Radio International, June 2017

Hi Comm Majors!

Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting about the Penn Media Scholars in China: Annenberg’s new summer institute. The competitive program involves a 3+ week trip, which immerses undergraduate students in the media environment in China, and includes site visits to media institutions and internet firms in Beijing and Hangzhou, as well as opportunities to meet with Chinese university students and global media industry professionals.  

This year’s student group, led by Professor of Communication and Sociology Guobin Yang, embarked on June 5, 2017. To find out more about their experience, the participants have graciously provided responses to an email interview for DotComm. 

Consider applying for next year’s trip (more info on that here). Applications are due in January for the summer 2018 trip. In the meantime, enjoy what your fellow comm majors are experiencing by reading below!



by Youlim Lee

Youlim Lee writing her name at the Summer Palace in Beijing

1. Why did you decide to apply and go on the Penn Media Scholars trip to China?
As someone who has studied the Chinese language for a number of years, I have always wanted to stay in China and experience the culture myself. This program provided a perfect combination of my interest in Chinese culture and my passion for media-related studies.
2. Had you ever been to China before? What were your expectations going into the trip?
I have been to China before, but I did not know what to expect from this program at all because this was my first time travelling without my parents and staying here for so long.

Summer Palace Beijing

3. What have you been surprised by during your time in China?
I was the most surprised by the level of nationalism and patriotism that seemed to dominate the society.
4. Can you give a typical daily schedule of a program day? What have you explored in your free time?
We gather around 9am in the morning and leave for our morning visit. We then have lunch and then go off to our afternoon visit, if there is one. In my free time, I wander around the city and go to historical sites.
5. As a communications student, what have you learned about the media environment in China? (News, social media, technology usage, etc.)
Chinese media firms are very aware of the changing Internet environments and are quickly adapting to them.

Penn Media Scholars at Sohu

6. Final thoughts: what is your favorite place/experience you’ve been to or had on your trip?
I really enjoyed the authentic discussions and interactions we had with Chinese college students.
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