Why Comm?

Courtesy of Annenberg School of Communication

Marketers. Recruiters. Elected officials. Mediators, diplomats, reporters, speech writers… Communicators make this crazy world go ’round.

While Penn’s undergraduate communication major is granted by the College of Arts and Sciences, the curriculum is designed and administered by the Annenberg School of Communication. Communication courses are taught by Annenberg’s distinguished faculty, preparing students for a varied and exciting world of communication.

“Our students specialize in intellectual and creative adventures. Learning about every facet of communication inspires them to imagine new cultural, commercial and public worlds, and fashion responsive politics in order to connect with and care for one another and the planet.”

Carolyn Marvin, Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Courtesy of Annenberg School of Communication

Students at work in the Annenberg Library

Communication majors are in high demand these days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, authors, writers, and editors will see an 8% bump in demand by 2018. Opportunities for advertising and marketing specialists will grow by 13%. Technical writers can expect an 18% increase. Public relations specialists? 24%. Salaries vary, but the median earnings hover around $50,000 for the groups mentioned, with the top earners pulling down well over $100,000 each year.

In our fast-faced digital media environment, information is collected, formatted, disseminated, and consumed at a rapid rate, and communication experts oversee the entire process. There’s a bright future for the field of communication and, by extension, for undergraduate communication students everywhere. Penn’s undergraduate communication program is one of the strongest of its kind and is the only Ivy League communications major administered by a separate school of communication.